Stay Wild


My sweet Charlie-boy,

It is finally your turn! You are off to kindergarten. You will never believe just how fast these five years have gone. I’m so excited for you as start this new and exciting adventure! But can I tell you a little secret? I’m sad for myself. I’ve loved and cherished all of our slow mornings together while your brother was at school. You were a pro at talking me into a quick stop at Casey’s for a donut in the morning or a morning full of nothing but hanging out on the porch together. You are so fun to be around and are my very favorite sidekick.

Charlie, you have already made us so proud and watching you grow up has been such a privilege. You  should know that as your momma I have a few thoughts, wishes, and prayers for you as you grow and start down this new road. Here they are:

Be Kind This one is near and dear to my heart. Your Daddy and I are trying our very best to raise kind boys who grow up to be even kinder men. You are a rough and tumble boy, but you are fiercely loyal and will go to bat for anybody who is important to you. Sometimes being kind is really easy and might mean letting a classmate use one of your crayons or telling somebody that you really like the cool shirt they are wearing. But kindness can also be hard and scary. It might look like being the odd one out and not making fun of a kid, but standing up for them instead or playing with someone at recess that is playing alone. Kindness is a quality that people recognize and remember. Always be kind.


Be Curious You have always been my “why” boy…always wondering why things work the way they do and wanting to know more. Curiosity has gotten you into a little bit of trouble here and there, but you have learned valuable lessons from your bouts of curiosity gone wrong. Being curious is something that has come easy for you, don’t ever loose that spark and interest to try new things, learn more about things that interest you, and find out why things are the way they are.

Stay Wild My biggest prayer for you is to stay the wild and wonderful child that God made you to be. You are such a unique little boy with a spirit and personality that are big and wonderful and strong.You have never ever been afraid to do things your way and as you grow up this will serve you well. Sometimes school is not always designed for wild and wonderful boys and I pray that your teachers love you for who you are and recognize that with the right approach and lots of love you will thrive.

My Charlie, you are the most charming and charismatic boy. You make friends easily and are witty and hilarious. You are smart and resourceful. You get yourself into some difficult situations, but somehow always come out the other side just fine. You have the cutest smile and your mess of hair is my favorite. I’m forever thankful that I get to have a part in your story, but now it is time for you to start writing some of those pages yourself. Just know I will forever be your biggest fan and loudest cheerleader…and I will always be the one whispering  in your ear to “stay wild” because wild and wonderful is the way you were born to be.



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